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How I Started Drinking Whiskey

My love affair with whiskey began like most great love affairs: with a man. And his name was Jack Daniels. I actually didn’t start drinking whiskey until I turned 21. The first drink I ever ordered was a Jack & Coke at a T.G.I. Friday’s bar. Before that, I was doing what all my other friends were doing - trying to scrounge up enough money to buy Boone’s malt liquor. Remember those?

Jack Daniel’s is a great way to start drinking whiskey because it’s highly accessible and is at an affordable price point. Accordingly to Wiki, it’s the top selling American whiskey in the world and for good reason. The taste profile is sweeter and more mellow, so it easily mixes with Coke to mask the alcohol, but still allows you to taste the Jack. Over time, I decreased the Coke and switched over to ice until eventually skipping the ice all together. Now I enjoy the taste of Jack in its singularity.

I would recommend the same for anyone who wants to start drinking whiskey. Stick to one whiskey first and really get to know its taste. Allow yourself to figure out what you like (maybe love) about it. This will become what you compare other whiskies to. This didn’t happen overnight for me. I drank Jack consistently throughout my 20s. It’s near and dear to my drinking heart. And though I may have moved on to other whiskies Jack remains my first whiskey love.