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How to Taste Whiskey by Smelling Your Fingers

When I buy whiskey, I don’t buy it just for the alcohol content. If that were all I wanted, there are cheaper options out there. I would just buy great vodka. But sometimes, it’s difficult to taste anything beyond that alcoholic punch, especially for higher proof whiskies.

If this sounds like you, and you’re OK with appearing a little bit strange, follow after me:

  • Dip your fingers into the whiskey

  • Rub the liquid between your fingers and allow the alcohol to evaporate

  • Smell your fingers. Yes, like Superstar. Take a really good sniff.

That smell, ladies and gentlewomen, that is what you’re actually enjoying when you drink whiskey. You’re paying for all the time and toiling it took to make simple alcohol, taste like your fingers. Flavor is where your money goes. Take the time to focus on that flavor when you sip your drink. Maybe you‘ll detect something sweet, something spicy, or something a bit smoky. It could be a long combination of things. I've had some whiskeys smell so good I swear they would make a killer perfume. Whiskey perfume!

If you’re reading this, you’re welcome Chanel.

#whiskey #howto