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Revel with Rebel

I discovered this gem of a whiskey about a year ago. At a bargain price of $15.99 at Super BuyRite, Rebel Yell is hard to beat in value, even if it was just an “eh” whiskey - which it is not.

Rebel Yell bourbon is considered a wheated whiskey (one of the notable grains used to make it is wheat). Would I consider it a poor woman's Pappy Van Winkle? Maaaaaybe. There are other wheated whiskeys (e.g., Maker's Mark) that I like just as well, but not at this price. I’m usually a fan of wheated whiskey because I find them generally softer and sweeter, much like the fairer sex.

  • Taste (What some like to call “mouth” - these dirty whiskey drinkers…) - A little bite (a nibble really) going down, but it calms down with a nice finish.

  • Finger Smell (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read about it here.) - Dried fruit, like prunes or dried figs.

  • Value (out of 5) - A solid 5. This whiskey is priced at the junk whiskey level but delivers taste and flavor on par with more expensive whiskey.

Take advantage my lovely TLLW readers.


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