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How to Celebrate Your Mid-30s in Jersey City

I love living in Jersey City. I was recently asked where I would live after Jersey City and the question was met with bewilderment and a lot of blinking.

I was excited to see from Jersey City Eats that there will be a Brew Festival on October 15th at the Harborside Atrium, within walking distance from me. As I read more about the event, I kept hearing a gay man's voice in my head saying, "Yaaasss!!" And not one to deny that little voice often, I bought tickets to celebrate someone's birthday. Because how else would you celebrate your mid-30s other than marathon day drinking, with a NYC view, during the early afternoon? That's right - day drinking. That staying up late business is bad for your health. And your 30's is about trying different ways to regain the good health you've abused in your 20s.

After the taylor ham-egg-and-cheese-on-a-roll breakfast of course. With salt, pepper, and ketchup please. And a side of right the hell now.

#jerseycity #notwhiskey #tasting