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Whiskey Flight for Under $15

How can one taste a variety of whiskey without breaking the bank? With whiskey tastings of course! But even a modest whiskey tasting can run in the ballpark of $50. So what can a whiskey drinker like myself do to save a little money for the bottle she really wants?

DIY that shit.

I got these adorable little bottles for the following prices:

  • Jim Beam - $1.40

  • Knob Creek, 100 proof (9 years) - $4.99

  • Johnnie Walker Black (12 year) - $4.99

  • Bulleit Bourbon - $2.57

TOTAL (with tax): $14.93

Aren't they freaking cute?!

There are many 50mL "nips" available to try at my local store. Many are the mainstream whiskeys like Jim Beam and Jack Daniel's. But I was pleasantly surprised to also find higher end options like Macallans 12 and Johnnie Walker Black (another 12 year scotch). If you're new to drinking whiskey, buying a few nips is a good option if you want to try before you buy (the full size bottle). It's a bummer when I buy a bottle of whiskey that I end up not liking. But I often try again a few times just to make sure. A lady's taste can change at any time. So it's important to taste...and taste again. And if it's still not to my liking well, that's why excellent cocktail making skills are a must. Because it's easy to make a good cocktail with great whiskey; much harder to make with junk whiskey.

Sometimes a girl just has to make simple syrup and peel an orange.

#whiskeyflight #tasting #valuewhiskey

September 2016 The Lady Likes Whiskey