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Clyde May's Alabama Style Whiskey

Clyde May's is touted to be an Alabama style whiskey, which according to the bottle, means adding apples to whiskey while it ages. Just like Tennessee whiskey, this honor of claiming a state's style, goes to the person who does something just a little bit different with something common.

  • Finger Smell (if you haven't tried it yet, go here) - I was able to detect the apples. And a bit of spicy wood. With it being autumn now, this would be perfect addition to hot cider or making a hot toddy.

  • Taste (mouth) - Pretty mellow even at 85 proof, with a little spicy finish. No burn going down. I saw that the mash has rye in it, which accounts for the spiciness.

  • Value (out of 5) - I got this bottle for $31.99 at a 15% discount but at it's original price, I'd give it a 4.5. It's a solid whiskey and very drinkable neat. The taste profile suggests it would be great to use in fall cocktails.

Maybe one day when I'm making whiskey, I'll add a little sumpin sumpin in my whiskey and call it Jersey style whiskey.

Stay tuned!

And no stealing my idea.

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