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Whiskey Flight for Under $15

How can one taste a variety of whiskey without breaking the bank? With whiskey tastings of course! But even a modest whiskey tasting can run in the ballpark of $50. So what can a whiskey drinker like myself do to save a little money for the bottle she really wants?

DIY that shit.

I got these adorable little bottles for the following prices:

  • Jim Beam - $1.40

  • Knob Creek, 100 proof (9 years) - $4.99

  • Johnnie Walker Black (12 year) - $4.99

  • Bulleit Bourbon - $2.57

TOTAL (with tax): $14.93

Aren't they freaking cute?!

Aren't they freaking cute?!

There are many 50mL "nips" available to try at my local store. Many are the mainstream whiskeys like Jim Beam and Jack Daniel's. But I was pleasantly surprised to also find higher end options like Macallans 12 and Johnnie Walker Black (another 12 year scotch). If you're new to drinking whiskey, buying a few nips is a good option if you want to try before you buy (the full size bottle). It's a bummer when I buy a bottle of whiskey that I end up not liking. But I often try again a few times just to make sure. A lady's taste can change at any time. So it's important to taste...and taste again. And if it's still not to my liking well, that's why excellent cocktail making skills are a must. Because it's easy to make a good cocktail with great whiskey; much harder to make with junk whiskey.

Sometimes a girl just has to make simple syrup and peel an orange.

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