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How to Drink Like an Old Man

When most people hear I drink whiskey, they say that it's an old man's drink. I wondered if there was a bit of truth to this. At a recent party I asked 4 older gentlemen what whiskey they drank, curious to see if I really am an old man in spirit. It was interesting to hear the same 2 whiskies as a response: Crown Royal and Chivas Regal. I know that this is a small sample size but what are the odds?

Crown Royal is a blended Canadian whisky and Chivas is a (12-year) Scotch blend. Both are known to be sweeter and smoother than others and I like both whiskies for these reasons. Crown Royal however, I like just a smidge more. Why? Because the bottle comes in a fancy bag like those expensive bags with a dust bag. It's as if I'm unwrapping a present each time I pour myself a drink. And I love presents!

I fancy myself sharing a bottle with my dad for on his 70th birthday this year. A true father-daughter moment if you ask me.

I guess I do drink like an old man.