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How to Drink Beer When You Drink Whiskey

Though I enjoy the occasional shandy on a hot summer day, I wouldn't consider myself a "beer person." Why? Because I'm not a volumetric drinker. I prefer getting buzzed with as little liquid as possible. I'm efficient that way.

All that being said, I went to my first beer tasting festival and had a blast! We were celebrating a birthday and I decided to approach this as a learning experience. Here's what I learned:

Since beer has a lower alcohol content (than whiskey), I wasn't faced with that familiar alcoholic punch each time I took a sip, even with higher ABV beers.

I was quick to take hefty whiffs right into my glass without fear of burning nose hairs. It was much easier to smell aromas of spices and fruits.

I was also able to detect the different taste profiles once I got away from the traditional IPAs and ales. Though I ended up with a little beer baby, I was glad to have this experience and learned some new things about beer.

My definite favorite was the Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) - Chocolate Stout. The packaging is so rockstar! I've been known to fall for beautiful packaging in the past...It's my Taurus aesthetics. But more importantly, the beer was tasty. It had a great chocolate and vanilla aroma, was light in body, and no bitter finish.

Still, I don't know if I'd be able to have more than two at a time without feeling full.

Beer babies are only for birthdays.

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