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Drinking in Denver

Denver was one of the most difficult places I've had the opportunity to drink alcohol in. The altitude in Colorado makes drinking hard without suffering some effects. I was there for a week and had a low grade headache for the first 3 days until I realized what was happening. Even the smallest degree of dehydration triggered a headache so I was drinking plenty of water every time I drank. This made for a slower buzz. But I was committed.

I asked for a Colorado whiskey at the hotel bar and was presented with Stranahan's. I read that all the whiskey is bottled by hand by volunteers who get a free bottle for their labor. What people will do for free liquor. Sign me up! As for the whiskey itself:

  • Finger Smell - sweet with vanilla notes

  • Taste (mouth) - honey, vanilla but there was a definite burn going down at 94 proof. It's a fair whiskey but I can't say I was crazy about it.

  • Value (out of 5) - I would have to give this a 2. At the hotel, I got a modest amount for $14 but $12 would have been a fairer price and only because I was at a hotel.

Perhaps I'd feel differently if I visited the distillery and bottled some whiskey. Things always seem to taste a little better if there's a good story to tell.

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