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Alcoholic Spirits

I find it interesting that another word for alcohol is spirit. When you think about it, consuming alcohol can transport one to another place, where the world can appear different, at least for a time. Their world is softer and brighter. And for some, inner desires become clear. I wondered how alcohol came to be called spirits and found a few answers on the good ol’ Googs. But this is the reason I like best:

Alcohol came to be called spirits because after a certain level of consumption, the alcohol lowers the energetic field of one's personality to where other spirits can enter the body. When the alcohol wears off and one’s level of consciousness rises again, the spirit pops out of the body. This is why people report not remembering their actions or blacking out. The person won’t remember dancing on the table naked because their spirit wasn't the one in the body dancing naked.

Heavy stuff, right? Because if it’s not YOU in your body, where does your spirit go? In the transient moments of drunkenness, are we actually bringing ourselves closer to an otherworldly plane that exist beyond the logical reaches of our daily reality? The expression of one becoming “lost in the ether” has never been used to describe getting drunk before but perhaps it should...

And while we're all appreciating this existential discussion, whose fuck-nut spirit is entering my body when I’m taking a short vacay from it?!

That is some serious identity theft.