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A Brenne New World

France is producing some exciting new whiskies, one of which I was introduced to earlier this year. Brenne is a French whisky made in Cognac, aged in Cognac barrels. The person responsible for creating it is a woman who lives in NYC! I hear about women who like French food, French wine, and French fashion; but never about French whisky. I was intrigued and immediately bought a bottle. Oh la la! Surprise, surprise...I'm a woman who likes French whisky.

  • Finger Smell (details on what that is here) - Soft, round, and fruity. This whiskey smells good. Like, I'd-buy-it-in-a-candle-to-scent-my-home good.

  • Taste (mouth) - The difference in the use of cognac barrels is remarkable. With an almost syrupy cherry finish, It was an interesting change to other whiskies I usually drink, but in a good way.

  • Value (out of 5) - I give this whiskey a value of 3.5. The bottle ran around $60, so I would say it's for the consistent whiskey drinker who is feeling a bit adventurous. The difference in taste is worth the splurge to try something new.

If French whiskies turns into the next whisky trend, expect the French to tout it just as proudly as they do their wines - as the best in the world.

Viva la France!

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