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How to Make an Aloha-lic Holiday Cocktail

An old friend, to whom I credit my introduction to whiskey, shipped me a bottle of local Hawaiian agricole rum as a gift. I haven’t yet ventured deep into rums, but I’m always happy to taste as many as I can.

KoHana is a single varietal sugar cane rum that literally translates into “sugar cane craft.”

Beside the traditional barrel and bottle numbers that can charmingly be found on the bottles, these bottles also state what cane variety is used.

The bottle itself is gorgeous with a glass stopper and rose gold metallic tribal pattern label. The elegant bottle could easily be reused as a decanter. The rum had the expected sweet aroma with notes of vanilla and lightly burnt brown sugar. At 45% ABV, there was a little bite which tapered off to a mild smoky finish. grandpa bamboozled my grandma’s parents into

allowing him to marry her.

I decided to make a small batch of coquito with my newly acquired artisan rum. Coquito is the Puerto Rican version of eggnog. I made mine by blending coconut cream, condensed milk, evaporated milk, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

The result was a creamy, rich, sweet, rummy-yummy concoction not to be chugged, but sipped. I sat in front of my TV with a streaming video of a fireplace, sipping away, and wished I was listening to stories about how my grandpa bamboozled my grandma’s parents into allowing him to marry her. How apropos that I was drinking a rum with a tagline, “Taste Hana Aloha” on the label, a term that refers to the art of love magic. My grandpa...the love magician.

Go gramps.

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