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How to Talk About Whiskey Like a Boss

Let’s face it people - whiskey is hot right now. Everyone is talking about it. And if they’re not talking about it, they’re wishing they knew how to talk about it. I'm biased, but people who drink whiskey just seem more interesting to me.

Even if you don't consider yourself a hardcore whiskey drinker, there are a few things you can do, to sound like you really know your whiskey. Read on to find out how to talk about whiskey like a boss.

It’s All Whisk(e)y Darlin’

Many people make the mistake of thinking Scotch and whiskey are different things. More than once, I’ve been told they don’t drink whiskey and prefer Scotch instead. Here’s the thing: Whiskey is an umbrella term for Scotch, bourbon, rye, Canadian whisky, Japanese whisky, Irish whiskey, all whiskey. Even whisky from India and France is whisky. It’s all whiskey!

There are 2 Ways to Spell Whiskey

That’s right - whiskey and whisky are both correct spellings. The difference is all in where it’s from. US and Ireland spell it 'whiskey.' The rest of the world pretty much spells it 'whisky.' I use the spelling of 'whiskey' (with the ‘e’) more often because I’m in ‘merica, damn it.

Smoky (Scotch) Whisky Usually Comes From Islay

If you're like me and you haven’t yet developed a deep love of smoky whiskey, this little tidbit will come in handy when you order Scotch. You can usually tell if a Scotch is going to be smoky by the region it’s distilled in. I don’t want to get into crazy details, and this is a generality, but if you see that a Scotch is from the region of Islay (pronounced eye-luh), chances are that the Scotch will be smoky. If smoky isn't your vibe, try Scotch from any other region.

Bourbon is Not Only From Kentucky

Bourbon can be made anywhere in the good ol’ U.S. of A. Yes, there are a few more rules to follow before it can be considered bourbon. And yes, many good bourbons are indeed made in Kentucky. But don’t be fooled by someone who tells you that bourbon has to be from Kentucky to be considered bourbon. False.

Know What You Like to Drink and (More Importantly) WHY

You don’t have to drink (or learn about) every kind of whiskey out there. You just have to know what you like and own it. Find out as much as you can about that particular whisk(e)y. This will help you identify the reasons you might like it. As with most things in Life, if you can confidently state what you like and why you like it, who is anyone to nay say you? Do you like it because it reminds you of underage drinking shenanigans? Awesome. Maybe you like it because it’s easy on the wallet? Awesomer. Drinking whiskey is such a personal choice, and preferences can change on a whim. What tastes great today can taste ‘eh’ tomorrow. No one knows better than you, what you like. It’s irrefutable. And those that do try to refute you are dickholes.

So there you have it. Go out and have a few rounds with this new knowledge. With these tips, you’ll be talking like a whiskey boss in no time. Slàinte!

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